Vegan Sweet Potato Ice-Cream

October 14, 2017

Two Trees Cafe, Canggu, bali
We past this cute little cafe every time we walked to the beach so it was only a matter of time we would duck in and try their food. Two Trees Cafe, is one of the newer cafes in Canggu, the day we arrived they had only opened for 78 days so it's still a little baby cafe but I fell head over heals for the decor. Light wood, white with the pops of yellow balanced with the plants is definitely a combination I would decorate my home with (however I'd use fake plants since i'm not the best at keeping them looking lively).

They had an interesting selection of smoothie bowls, a lot of them had an unique ingredient i've never seen in other standard smoothie bowl places like miso, activated charcoal, ashwagandha which I think is pretty cool that they came up with some original smoothie bowl recipes. I ordered the Green Fields Smoothie Bowl because I was in desperate need for some more greens in my life also because you can't have enough greens (Spinach, pineapple, banana, lime, pumpkin seed butter, spirulina moringa, coconut water). The taste was different it was more earthy and less sweet because it didn't have any berries in the base like normal smoothie bowl but I actually don't mind at all, I have more of a savoury tooth and a sweet tooth anyway. I have to say it wasn't isn't as thick as I would of liked it to be, I don't really like it when it comes out the consistency of soup and would of liked more toppings.

James however ordered the pancakes (Sweet potato and buckwheat pancakes with coconut yogurt & sweet potato ice cream) Too be honest I don't know why the pancakes were the colour they were 😅 like dark bluey green. I was super curious steal a taste of the sweet potato ice cream. Again is was so different than any other ice cream I had tasted before so it was hard to decide if I liked it or not also because the dish itself was quite small the pancakes were really pikelets and James really LOVED it so I didn't want to take too much for the tasting hahas. But lets just say if they were offering a bowl of sweet potato ice cream it I would still eat it all. He paired his pancakes with an iced coffee with coconut milk and that I can agree tasted amazing (for a coffee) and that's coming from me, a person that doesn't like coffee.

All in all, i think they did an amazing job of the decor and the food presentation, I really loved their unique spin on the dishes and I would love to come back one day to try their banana crumble cake. uhhh drool~

Banh Mi & Beans

October 4, 2017

Banh Mi & Beans, Canggu, Bali
Back at university Banh Mi roll were one of the easiest and cheapest lunches to grab between classes. In Sydney there was a little store that was pretty much a hole in the wall however they had the best Banh Mi rolls I have tried and for only $4.50 from what I can remember.
Fast forward now to my time in Bali, we stumbled into this cafe purely because it is close to our airbnb and my boyfriend needed coffee. I saw on the menu they had a tofu Banh Mi and I had to try it for lunch the next day. We both got the tofu Banh Mi and man it was SO freaking good (we got it two more time for lunch afterwards) that saying a lot because before trying these Banh Mi roll my boyfriend were not a fan of then. Tip is if you want them vegan, you just need to ask them to not add any mayonnaise.











Bomb-Ass Vegan Food in Bali

September 30, 2017

Peloton Supershop, Bali
Before I left Thailand to head to Bali, I already had a list of vegan cafes to check out while I was here. The restaurant I was most excited to eat at was Peloton, I have seen sooo many yummy food pics from peloton appearing on my instagram and couldn't wait to experience it for myself.
The owners of Peloton went vegan when they opened up this restaurant so you will find at lot of your favourite comfort dishes veggie-fied like nachos, schnitzel burger, tacos. This was the first time trying this place so I have to admit it was hard to narrow down which dish to try first, something comforting or something super nutritious like their super salad bowls.
This time around we went for the lance lasagna and the schnitzel burger. Hope you enjoy the foodie pics below from our time at peloton and you best be sure I will be coming back to try more from their menu!












Sunday Acai Bowls

September 6, 2017

Fruit Pulse, Chiang Mai
Acai bowls are one of my favourite healthy meals, I fell in love with them after trying my very first one at the Gold Coast in Australia. After that I would buy them from time to time while I was living in Brisbane but found it was more cost effective and just overall easier to just make them at home. I would sometimes have one for dinner if I wanted something light.
Since moving from Brisbane I haven't had an acai bowl which is about 9ish month so when I found that this cafe next door to 'Vegan Heaven' my no. 1 favourite breakfast restaurant, I had to try their acai bowl the following day.
I did not realise fruit pulse had sooo many vegan options, I was soooooo freaking excited.
After looking at the menu James, my boyfriend and I was tossing between the Superfood Bowl or the Waffles. We decided we can do the Superfood Bowls this time around and next time try the waffles.
For Drinks, I got the Mean Green Juice. I love a green juice that taste kind of bad because the strong veggies they add, in this case it was kale. James got an iced soy coffee which he really enjoyed. What's awesome is they have so many different types of milks, like cashew milk, rice milk, soy milk, almond milk and I think from memory pistachio milk as well!
The acai bowls were pretty good, really good size, the granola was really crunchy which is my favorite and the fruits topped on it was suburb. I've had a few really bad acai bowls before so I was really happy with these ones. If I had to be picky my bowl, I would say the acai mixture was a lot lighter in flavor and color than my favourite one from Brisbane. James's cacao super bowl was really good though. You can't really tell the differences between the bowls in the pictures below but overall I would recommend this place. Super excited to try some of there other vegan dishes!






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